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Journeyer Travel Trailers

Everything You've Requested...The Journeyer!

The Journeyer travel trailers by Open Range brings the future of leisure travel to your doorstep. These RVs are a maverick in their category, with advanced construction techniques and materials you won’t have to give up space or luxury features to obtain lighter weight. Without sacrificing quality, the Journeyer gives you extraordinary towing ease and aerodynamics engineered for a carefree road experience.

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With its silvery high-gloss finished exterior to its two-tone cabinetry, everything about the Journeyer by Open Range unveils a new era in the realm of travel trailers. This breed is surprisingly easy to maintain, loaded with features, and built to last for years while remaining completely affordable at a mid-price point category. You will notice that our floor plans are numbered in terms of square feet of living space, not in length. That is because our 100-inch wide-body chassis, along with slide-outs 6” deeper than most, create extra living space in each and every floor plan, regardless of length. This simply adds up to more living space with less length to tow!
Open Range has designed the Journeyer travel trailers and fifth wheels to become a classic for years to come so go ahead and become the owner of a classic yourself and purchase a Journeyer travel trailer or fifth wheel for your very next adventure.

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